People Connect supports person-to-person knowledge sharing, helping you to network and connect with colleagues in the NHS and partner organisations. Within People Connect you can:

  • Develop your own ‘Profile’ to share your knowledge with others
  • Use the ‘Connect’ search and browse tags to find people with mutual interests
  • Find people to share a problem and find a solution
  • Develop a network of people to support your work and learning
  • Create and contribute to discussions

People Connect profiles also support Mentoring, but you don’t need to be involved with mentoring to join People Connect. For information about Mentoring go to http://www.peopleconnect.scot.nhs.uk/Mentoring

Getting Started

  1. You need an Athens username and password to use the system.
  2. Develop your profile – bearing in mind that the more information you enter the better the connections you will make.
  3. Add links to Twitter or LinkedIn if you have a profile.
  4. Go to Connect to search for people using a topic or name OR browse the tags.
  5. Use the filters on left to narrow your results.
  6. Email one or more individuals with your question or discussion topic, alternatively join a relevant community of practice
  7. Tweet about People Connect using #pplconnectscot

Using Discussions

  1. Go to Discussions to search or view discussions you are following and to create new discussions.
  2. Create a new discussion by clicking the button on the right and completing the form
  3. Select the correct permissions level for your discussion
  4. Share the discussion with your community of practice by circulating the discussion URL.

Using Tags

Tags are keywords assigned to a person or resource. By clicking on a tag you can find all the people who have stated an interest in that topic or discussions that have been assigned that keyword by the person who started the discussion. In this way tags group people with similar interests. To add a tag, as you start typing tags will be suggested that you can select OR you can enter a new word or phrase and then click Save.

Examples of use

  1. Create your own groups such as ‘Community Practice in East Scotland’ by everyone in the group adding the same tag
  2. You can add a tag about a specific subject of interest such as ‘Health Improvement USA’
  3. You can find an existing tag by typing it in such as ‘Productivity’

Further help and support

For further help and support using People Connect go to: http://www.knowledge.scot.nhs.uk/home/help-and-training/people-connect.aspx

Contact us with a query: knowledge@nes.scot.nhs.uk

Download a guide to using People Connect